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NNorm - name normalizer, version 0.1, (alpha-idea)

nnorm - utility for name normalisation.

I'm not very good with English. So, I'll be brief.

Nnorm make file names of anime series (from fansubbers) more well looking, and normal "sortiable".

From "[Anime-Keep]_DearS_-_10_[2BC36A84].avi"
it will make a:
"DearS 10 [Anime-Keep][2BC36A84].avi"

"[Lunar] Aishiteru ze Baby - 17 [DE935E39].avi"
"Aishiteru ze Baby 17 [Lunar][DE935E39].avi"

Nnorm try do not make a stupid movement, so

"[my cool title.avi" or "(nani sore] title.avi" will not be changed.

Usage of nnorm very easy:

nnorm filename

Currently (at version 0.1) no absolute path supported (i.e. with slashes in name).

to build nnorm from sources just print make (or gcc nnorm.c -o nnorm)

What exactly nnrom do:

  1. Search for CRC (within square or round brackets, 8 chars)
  2. Search for fansub group name within square or round brackets (all in brackets except CRC is a fansub group name).
  3. Remove all duplicated underscores, spaces.
  4. Remove '-', if arouned by spaces/underscores. (e.g. "q - a" will be changed to "q a", but "q-a" will notbe changed).
  5. Remove lead (first char in name) and ends (before dot in extenshion) spaces/underscores.
  6. Report about error if ambiguous/nested brackets, if there is more then one fansub group name (e.g. "[Mognet]Post_Pet_Momobin_-_01[3E150C28][XViD].avi" will not be renamed due ambiguity)

p.s. GNU GPL, of course.

© George Shuklin,